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Lavender Legal Center | Sliding Fee Scale Elimination

Lavender Legal Center has eliminated our sliding fee scale for many of our direct representation services. Lavender works to address the disproportionate rates of poverty and violence in the LGBTQ+ community by assisting in issues that cause and effect these inequities. By eliminating this financial burden, we uphold our mission and core values.

A name and gender marker change in Iowa costs a minimum of $275 in court and administrative fees. This is not equity. It is crucial for trans and gender diverse people to have identity documents that not only reflect who they are, but that legally coincide.

For LGBTQ+ parents, marriage equality does not necessarily guarantee parental rights. A confirmatory adoption, also referred to as a second-parent adoption, is a legal process that a non-biological and/or non-gestational parent must use to confirm and protect their parental rights. This is not equity. However, due to legal fallacies and hostile jurisdictions, it is necessary to legally confirm your family.

These are but two examples of inequities furthering the call to eliminate our sliding fee scale for direct representation. While legal fees do not make up a large portion of our budget, every little bit counts for a small nonprofit such as Lavender. Will you consider making a donation today to help make up the difference? Your gift helps make a more equitable place to live for LGBTQ+ Iowans.

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